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“There is only one spiritism which our school found consumptive of suffering by the criminal acts of spiritualism, always immoral and contrary to science, as well as spiritualism in all forms and modes are religious in one form or another religion” .

Joaquin Trincado Mateo

To understand this, we must go beyond the popularization of the term and continuous distortion visible in almost all the articles and texts available on the internet today, and the texts of other authors malicious and special interests on the subject.

Joaquin Trincado, in his axiom: “The law is one and one the substance,” gives us a glimpse of knowledge and clear beyond doubt that the Spirit is the universal essence present in all and all, so that not even the most religious or “atheist” can get out of it, since it would not exist.
And by the simple principle of cause and consequence, the existence of a mind side by side in a community, makes him interact, joining forces working for evil or good, but by joining, whose union can not be called otherwise different to Spiritism; form the closest affinities to follow their own level of achievement …. But outside of Spiritism is not, because spirit is and always will.

“You see if it’s natural and mathematical training of spiritism? How do you want it to be called the union of Spirits but Spiritism?”

Studied Spiritism, page 21

How does the School conceives Spiritism?

“Spiritism is, the spirit in community; and the spirit, is a breath or spark of the divine creator, and is therefore co-eternal as the Creator, the Father, who throws him to work with the germ of progress, but in state of ignorance and simple, taking matter, in which he is obscured, but as the diamonds, tracks your progress in this area involved and gaining value, until the spirit, strong enough and tired of his darkness, begins to pull out the first scales and buffed with themselves, to display in their own light and rich in value of wisdom, the Creator, triumphing in his struggle. “

From: Seeking God, (p. 326, 327)
Trincado Joaquin Mateo

Spiritism is not a thing, and as its not a thing, can not be transformed, people can progress, but spiritism is the same today, as it who was 10, 20 or 100 million centuries before and so will be a thousand million centuries from now… Spiritism has no time past or future, but lives in the eternal present.

What is then the work of the Spirit?

The Spirit is the great director of the acts, coupled with a physical body, tangible, which is responsible for the execution of such acts, complement each other and logging everything in that big file called soul … The one without the other can not exist as a man while having completed their work separate and return to its center, and waiting until work begins again.