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We have compiled in this section, all documents and study books of Spiritism Light and Truth, including some who seek additional boost with a study from a philosophical rational-analytical perspective.


Books of Master Joaquín Trincado Mateo


A large library with books most representative of Joaquin Trincado, which have been digitized. Even though typing contains errors, and these may have spelling and grammar errors. Please keep that in mind, when reading, study and analyze them.

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Other Books

Otros librosA short selection of additional study books for complementation and analysis, which are not of the school, but are useful to broaden the perspective that is presented in it. It is made up from books of philosophers, scientists, who present issues of importance to our study.

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Musical Library

biblioteca musicalA basic but important musical library, which included songs like “Hymn The Sworn” Hymn UHAO etc. Here will include those versions created for anyone interested in publishing their creations here.

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Historical Data

historia Una sección, que estará en desarrollo, donde iremos comilando, imagenes representativas y alusivas a la historia y desarrollo de la Escuela, y otros materiales que encuadren dentro de esta categoría.

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Why to ease a Virtual Library?

We have included in our portal a library, as complete as possible, as to the texts of Joaquin Trincado Mateo, plus other useful books, to facilitate access by visitors to these materials, as these are not always available for those who want to read and study.

Also We comply efforts to disseminate of the doctrine through this means, purpose which has always been the primary objective of the school, even when no print.