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The Colombian Regional Chair Light of Jacob No. 178, in discharge of duties of social management, community and spreading the doctrine of Spiritism Light and Truth, constantly working in different social fields tending to urge the doctrine in the various areas of Colombian society. A clear example of this is defined through its institutional profile, within which are the following aspects:

What is the objective of the Magnetical-Spiritual School of the Universal Commune?

The MSS of UC seeks to promote from a philosophical reflection, scientific, technological, social action and human progress in terms of brotherhood, freedom, equality and justice, which are the building blocks of life in common and essential foundation world peace, grounded in a philosophical body itself, which was exposed to the world by the Spanish philosopher Joaquin Trincado Mateo from whose written work and action we favor any reflection on the events of community life, always holding mandates essentially the “Know thyself” and “love your brother.”

What is the institutional profile of the Regional Chair Light of Jacob No. 178?

The MSS of UC is a non-profit, divided operationally for National Action, in several locations, and departments by a board of directors (Regional Council), delegated departmental meetings (departmental councils) and municipal boards delegates (Municipal Councils ), and a National Assembly composed of the total directors of the Regional Council and empowered.

Legally constituted under the requirements of the national territory of the Republic of Colombia and empowered by the same statutory body and to perform activities of an educational, social and ideological lines categorized cultural, scientific, civic coexistence, democratic culture, community and cultural development .

The Colombian Regional Chair Light of Jacob No. 178, has a permanent human resources and strategic union, which allows optimal management of activities required for the social development of local, district and nation.

What have been the greatest impact activities of the Regional Chair Light of Jacob?

The Colombian Regional Chair Light of Jacob Nr. 178, is distinguished by its impact in the community that surrounds him, always keeping the basis of the aforementioned institutional purpose, striving always for the dissemination of doctrine, through the following means:

– Disclosure of its own “Library, which includes the texts of the Spanish philosopher Joaquin Trincado Mateo, through continuous study sessions and levels of study.


At Political level

– The Regional Chair has tried to maintain current records of its legal existence to the National Government and authorities to operate according to the Constitution and the laws enacted for that purpose entities formed through the constitution.
– We have Participated in the Reform of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Colombia in 1991, through the National Constituent Assembly, thus gaining recognition for the contributions of the Presidency of the Republic, in the hands of Dr. Cesar Gaviria Trujillo .
– In 1993, on the occasion of the decision handed down by the Constitutional Court to declare unenforceable 16 articles of the so-called Concordat between Colombia and the “Holy See”, the Chair was present to explain the concordat inconvenciencia such as President of the Republic through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in March 1993.
– On September 24, 1992, declaring unenforceable the above mentioned 16 items of the above Concordat, the Regional Chair expressed to the Attorney General’s Office, Dr. Carlos Arrieta Padilla, offering our support, since the same was manifested in against the 16 items in question, especially for its content, given that found harmful to the dignity of the people and contrary to our constitutional.

A Level Social

• Installation and execution of works and street theater room presented to members of the health service.
• Carrying out general training workshops for members of the health service.
• poetry and literature by and for members of the health service.
• Performing arts workshops with children and youth in the district capital.
• Development of democratic formation processes through art training aimed at youth in various schools.

At Statal level

And based on these activities have taken the following actions at the inter-

• Lecture-Forum on the System of District and Local Culture: Local Politics and Culture District and its regulatory framework. Entity: Local Cultural Council R.U.U.
• Street Theatre Works “The Shroud“. under the framework of “Meeting Interlocal Theatre.”
• Service stilt in motivating youth participation in the project “Support for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and Alcoholism, PAB Program.” Entity: UEL Hospital Rafael Uribe Uribe.
• Identification of thematic service education for the implementation of the Virtual Library LUNEL IE. Entity: Mayoralty of Florida Blanca, Santander.