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escudoSymbols have accompanied mankind from its very beginning, they are a means of communication and therefore are an integral part of education and culture. Symbols communicate ideas, feelings, that when they are used by the Spirit intelligent actor noble and altruistic purposes we know as positive and negative when used to satisfy passions, here are some examples.

The cross (+), used with noble ends we see in mathematics meaning property of addition. Used to satisfy passions as we see in religious institutions as a scaffold. Thus we see how the symbols are being defined and characterized a human society representation of a world. Thus we see the dove representing peace, ant work, etc.

In our school we also observed symbols including the shield and flag. We will make a contribution of our reasoning with respect to its interpretation.


What does the Coat of Arms, which symbolizes the MSS of UC mean?

Our shield is structured around its center and this is represented by the anchor and balance that are the insignia of the High Court of Universal Justice , or centers of government first or guidelines of our Father Eloi, known as planes and identifies or embodied in its representative, the Master of Masters, Spirit of Truth, whose seat for our plane is in Zion.

This badge is enclosed in a triangle that connects us in the whole universe is expressed in triads or trinary relations. Thus we see in this triangle horn, the basic and fundamental representation of the universe, whose knowledge and understanding, is taught from its center to the spirits of Light, it imparted to the whole family of spirits, which make for order and government and Teachers appointed judges to assume the same insignia, seeing it represented in our shield with the figure of two inverted triangles, which stem from the generating center of government and that means that there is only one substance and one law exists, defining the same thing here up and down, which brings us to the understanding of the Law of the reflections, represented in the force, the number six (6). Within this letter M appears that identifies the position of the Spirit, who can play this role and is a Master Judge of creation.

lazoAll this Government and the Creation have as its only source of being the work understood as law, also the Eternal Life, and continue from where we started and where we always return, this being represented in our arms, by the wonderful fabric generated by the continuous movement harmonic of a single line, which defines its way through the triangle, the endless trinary relations shows that the life force responsible only to the human spirit.

This movement for 14 points, wisdom of the Grand Fourteen pointing Magnetic-Spiritual School of Universal Commune as a legal institution of government of the great ELOI, which serves as a structure to explain and teach in the worlds like ours, must be introduced Regime of the Commune of Love and Law, all knowledge contained in the Grand Master Judge Fourteen of our world and for order and government, to the whole world discovers the Magnetic-Spiritual School of Universal Commune, through Chairs called their classrooms by their geographic location or territory in the world are defined as Central, Regional, Provincial or Department, Cantonal or Citizen. It is projected figure in the circle as dynamic and continuous movement through fourteen triangular points, representing the fourteen economies and granite foundation to undertake the race to real progress, always beyond the regime of the Commune, infinite and unique projection Spiritism Light and Truth.