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Los juramentados

Los juramentados

The hymn “The Sworn” is dedicated to all those who have been born after the trial of majority and have sworn before the supreme council and the judge to abide by and foster the community of love and law, accepting the law of love and progress.

Ahead you will find the song and lyrics for this hymn:

Classic version  
Acoustic version  

Hymn “The Sworn”


Here we are: we are from the army
That freed we swore to meet
The Mission brought by the spirit
In the school of the great Eloi;
Come for justice to be implemented,
The Commune of Law and Love;
Fight with legal weapons

We are seedlings
that are all spread
by dew
The great love
We will be trees
And in its branches
It will be linked
by the eternal union.

Go ahead! tell us our Guides
That mark the trail immortal
They are the brave Titans
Who on earth knew how to love;
Left behind the infamous lie
The beast of hatred inculcated;
Sovereign Light Ahead
What is Truth and Love Commune

(Repeat the second verse)