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Bandera UHAO


This hymn entails in its cadence and vibrations all the feeling and brotherly love of our proclamation. His letter was drafted by Joaquin Trincado; its music comes from Benjamin Lapadula.




  • Himno de la Unión Hispano-Americo Oceanica
  • Texto del Acta de Constitución de la UHAO
 Referendo Popular Básico de la UHAO




Hymn of the U.H.A.O.


Hear all men on earth

The sonorous song of our feelings

It’s the Hispanic race alive and tenacious

And will live together for ever and ever.



Is its language clear which sunlight

Enlightening the world all entirely

And that light is fire as to big melting pot

Which melts races and one will

And so will the world one nursery

And now … the stranger … nobody will find.



And from north to south and in the Far North

Mothers of all, in her soul maternal

To the east and west and northward

They say gay … no peace! …And no war!

In all the land prevails union

And not an alien is already in the ground.



Mission is Hispanic for Supreme Law

Make fraternity men

For the union of peoples, free, no strings

Forming a single soul in one talk

Vibrating, which sings a single emblem

And foreigners will not forever.



Hear all men on earth

The sonorous song of our feelings

And together we swore our eternal union

As one man who can say:

Love, freedom, justice serene

What will keep for ever and ever.


Letra de Joaquín Trincado

Música de Benjamín Lapadula