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The Colombian Regional Chair Light of Jacob, 67 years after being founded tell us a wide range of events that relate the struggle to disclose and seek for the study of Spiritism in the region of Colombia, through all the difficulties and limitations of both human, social and religious policies, which ultimately are and do what the Chair is today.


How was Born this Chair ?

bogotaAccording to applications for legal recognition, certified by Mr. Antonio Maria Bonilla to the Governor of Cundinamarca (department of Colombia) and this in turn to the Ministry of Government who in exercise of the powers conferred by the Constitution of the Republic of Colombia, gave legal status to the Non Profit Entity called “Central Chair for Philosophical Studies of Bogota”, according to Resolution No. 36 of April 30th 1943, being registered at the time as Regional Director and Legal Representative Mr Alfonso E. Bajaña. This order was published in the Official Gazette No. 25,248 of 13 May 1943 (By order of the Colombian authorities, available to the general public).

Subsequently, several brothers were under the responsibility of guiding the destinies of the Regional Chair. Among them brother Carlos Enrique Silva Camacho, who ran it until June 1978, the date on which he disincarnated.
On 18th and 19th March 1979, assumed leadership of the Central Chair for Philosophical Studies Center of Bogota, Brother German Ramirez, whose first concern was to make an amendment to the Statute of the legal personality in order to give the institution the real name of “Magnetical Spiritual School of Universal Commune – Colombian Regional Chair Light of Jacob No. 178 ” reform that was approved by the Ministry of Government of the Republic of Colombia, under Special Resolution No. 684 of April 1 1980, and published in the Official Gazette No. 35,535 of 11 June 1980.

In 1997, it took a further reform of the legal statutes in order to strengthen the moral and material interests of the institution legally adapt to changes Colombian society has been and thus strengthen the educational and training of modern man. The amendment was approved by the Mayor of Bogota (Ente responsible for these processes to the city of Bogota) under the Special Resolution No. 075, May 1998.
Finally, and continuing with the resolve of the school, it was necessary to the third reform of the legal statutes in which it revoked the designation of “provincial” and “Citizen” to the chairs located in the national territory Republic of Colombia, based on the geopolitical division of Colombia, not drawn on these concepts, but by departments and municipalities, which legally and politically in relation to Colombia and the Magna Carta or Constitution implies significant differences. With this foundation, he changed the name of our chairs at the departmental and municipal chairs.

One of the most sensitive changes was the abolition of the office of Keepers Regional and provincial citizens. This action involved a restructuring, which removed the charge, but not the high functions of the agencies represented before forming the Colombian society, the high nature of the doctrinal principles and philosophy of our school, and thus prove the misunderstood role of representing people, but not the dignity of our institution. This resolution was recognized by the Mayor of Bogota, according to Special Resolution No. 804 of November 2003.