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escudoFounded on September 20th, 1911, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by the Spanish philosopher Joaquin Trincado Matheo (1866-1935). Magnetic-Spiritual School of the Universal Commune (MSS of UC, EMECU) is particularly important, since was proposed to rescue the Spiritism from the absurd situation of poverty and intellectual rickets in which it was, formulating it as a doctrine and singling out the name of “Spiritism Light and Truth.”

This broad and comprehensive vision and strong belief in these principles, leads Joaquin Trincado Matheo to establish 183 classrooms (or Chairs) at the time of his death (disembodiment, in the spiritist lexicon). He also establishes and regulates communal colonies, as to say “the Liberators”, “The Francis” and “Cologne Jaime” in Argentina provided a vivid example of the strength and efficiency of these doctrines to solve world problems. Focus on this last, Joaquin Trincado, founded the Hispanic-American-Union Ocean in search of peace and brotherhood of the Hispanic peoples, which is signed on October 12, 1921, stating: “Our high-end and is thought to around the world one family, with one principle and one law. ” For that purpose sat axioms as: “The existence of a single creator,” “The existence and immortality of the Spirit,” “The necessity of reincarnation to achieve progress”; postulate that these worlds are infinite and the spirit must dwell in union of soul and body, being the first of this trinity spirit and the Creator the other side of living forms, ensuring that “life is eternal and continuous“.

The MSS of UC, according to his philosophy is the continuation of the Hesen School, which was founded by Moses who surrender their secrets numbered from 1 to 14, in the form of geometric figure, which was called “Kabbalah Secrets“, in so that the detractors, speculators and spiritualists did not discover this knowledge and not understanding the meaning of these figures, give them fanciful interpretations, their interests and perspectives that inspired them, looking on them as on-natural, miracle, Nietzsche’s super-man. Such knowledge postulated the nonexistence of super-man, but man, nor a miracle, but science and nescience, or supernatural, but of nature: Everything governed by Universal Law of the Creator, whose sole executor is the spirit in its life eternal and continuous.

The Magnetic-Spiritual School of Universal Commune, would follow the pattern of these principles, but running and everything was locked up in numbers and figures, which are neither mysteries or secrets, rather than ignorance and wickedness: for the religious and spiritualists.

The MSS of UC, seeks to clarify all that knowledge from austere philosophical axioms, ruled by civil statutes of every nation and under the constitutions and laws of the country, fulfilling, in everything that is not opposed to free thought, because no code or law could hamper the proper and inalienable right of every man to think. The MSS of UC is cultural and philosophical teaching, according to a “Rational Austere Philosophy ” which covers all human knowledge, and with the help of the books that comprise the School passed from human knowledge or science positive, entering the essence of the spirit which the spirit of universal solidarity, its consequence is a philosophical spiritualism, so the “Spiritism Light and Truth” is what the school says, covers, supports and complements the science and complying with the laws and constitutions, while giving stitches and principles of reform them toward greater progress, for peace and human brotherhood, without distinction of classes, races, peoples or nations, given that worldwide there are only men and women .

The school changed the design around the arts and sciences, and shows that they are daughters of spiritism, as it fills the gaps of philosophy and metaphysics, to confirm the existence of spirit as the indispensable foundation of life. Set a table of values with infinite degrees to be increasing and locate through fourteen economies (which are explained precisely in the doctrine). Spread the highest social policy based on brotherhood and love as the basis of eternal path to wisdom. This order of productive work aspects defends and condemns private property boundaries and atavism of all types, the sustenance and the government of caste.