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rayoThe doctrine of Spiritism Light and Truth, requires to undertake its study in an orderly and progressive manner, being necessary to develop a program of study that elevates it to a pedagogical way and introduce this philosophy, making it a nice and clear matter, accessible to all degrees of human knowledge, which by being easily understood, students adhere to the program starting from the most basic up to the most intricate concepts contained in the written doctrine by Master Joaquin Trincado.

So each activity must be organized and oriented according to the capabilities of the study group, to focus on a methodology that fits the attendees of each respective cathedra.

Sunday sessions

The purpose of meeting on Sundays does not emerge from a need of sharing affinities mainly, since any moment is appropriate for it.

The Conception of Master Trincado is based on the factors embodied by the Award of Rigor, of the need to combine or unify understanding towards the study of the Doctrine in together.

Thus, study groups although favorable, does not preclude the need for doctrinal and chairs meetings, which also are prone to strengthen study and serve as support for the dissemination of the Spiritist Doctrine to the world.

Methods of study

Although spiritist development is an internal process dependent on the level of understanding and rational analysis of the texts, this does not limit a person to focus on a text to memorize it, or recite it, but to get to understand its essence. This is done only by study and analysis, whose support on research which also provides the only criterion truth has.

In other words, it’s not enough to attend to a doctrinal on Sundays in allied groups, and recite sets of sentences without understanding its essence (since works speak the opposite to what is said, “By the fruit shall know the tree”) but rather it is necessary to make a deep and thorough introspection of things understood, for further investigation, and thus make each of us a master, but not expect a born Master to explain us such doctrine and convince us by authority. Said thereby, it’s simply not the MSS of UC founded by Master Joaquin Trincado.