7 in Bogota

During his task as educator, Joaquin Trincado wrote more than 40 books, which were being printed and available to anyone interested in their study.

However, many of these were not published and printed, being unreleased and unpublished to date. Therefore, we will only refer to those whose availability, both in print and in digital media are in stock.

Such books are as follows:

At the present time there are available other works as “Alfaqui Vademecum” (or “the master goes with me”), “The Bishop Strossmayer brochure”, “Mary, Mother of Jesus”, “Jesus, Man and God,” “the Rationalist Spiritist questionnaire “(written expressly for children) and two volumes of the” Universal encyclopedic Philosophy, whose other 10 volumes are still unpublished.

The “Memorial autographed Electro-Magnum“, “Handbook or summary of the creed,” the Red Book, “Justice in Action“, and other texts whose fate is still unknown and remains unpublished and no known disclosure .



Both printed and digital versions above are in the process of review, because publications being half-century and before, there is evidence of printing and scanning errors. So some words may present ambiguities.