11 in Bogota
Accepted and signed by the villages of the breed and related.
In Buenos Aires, Federal Capital of Argentina, on October 12, 1921: Memorial Day and epic forever in Spain, the largest and most fruitful Mother of Nations, the Virgin America planted in their language and be ideal race and immortal, to swell in just the law of liberty.

To the light of whose rays light up whenever the fields of Spain: First of all nations and kindreds of the earth to witness this act, the most sublime of brotherhood, peace and universal love.

Supreme act conceived in the purest and greatest principle of pure doctrines of torque and brotherly love for all Hispanic Raza extended over half a globe and the Spanish language, by its natural force, convinced all other peoples to recognize and accept it universal language, studying today throughout the world;

Whereas, the said and the more can be said that the unity and peace on Earth have to start with a race capable of melting itself all races doing a single race, coming through this whole Earth to be a single family, which necessarily destroys forever the causes of war.

Whereas it is an undeniable fact that the language, and ethnic idiosyncrasies in speaking nations and Spanish blood, all men of all races to come, are identified and merged into our strengths and weaknesses: good test of strength language and vitality of the race.

Those who signed at the foot of popular referendum and ePop, on behalf of the people of his homeland Nation, moral, material and spiritual and even politically under the inalienable right of sovereignty which lies in every citizen, within the society of every nation and that, when as in this act shall meet these people publicly, in an assembly are universal and legally represent their nations or natural territories, under which we gather sheltered pavilions all with a new universal flag, emblem of the human brotherly unity, School flies that sponsored the decisive act of brotherhood and unity of interests moral, material and spiritual: before the world whole and to the Creator,


Article 1 .- From now on, we consider a single people, moral, material, spiritual and even politically, as one big family and without prejudice to anyone, all peoples and Spanish-speaking territories, regardless of this agreement, the cancellation of war between us and declare that the people of this Union are not offensive to any State, but vowed:

a) For any offense, of any kind, infer any one of our people is made all together;

b) None of the people here signed under this agreement may declare war for any reason, to close the borders to other causes but immoral, but only under corrective statement by the Permanent Court of Hispano-America Union Oceanic establishing the purpose;

c) All individuals of these nations are free to move through all these states and settle wherever they please, not being barred by court order for his home state or another State of the Union, acquiring all civil and political rights, demonstrating two years of residence, and all this without having to renounce their native citizenship;

d) All products of the people of this Union, to move freely from one to the other peoples, customs levies or other contributions provided that they are for consumption of the brotherly people that requested;

e) That the mail service between all the peoples of the Union is “like one nation” and a single price, and is set for all the money order up to a thousand gold pesos;

f) All college degrees, and also the copyright, and industrial arts of all kinds, acquired from one of these states are valid in all states of the Union;

g) That assessment, in both per capita of each state and financed by governments, or unifying construct a railway, that all nations, from Argentina to Mexico Republic with transshipment ferroboat or Panama, but are excluded foreign capital, if any, are subject to income equal to the equivalence of assessment that apply to every citizen of the Union, this railway will be called: Heading in the Oceanic Union Hispano-America;

h) The Court of the Union in all matters it is the supreme authority of the court and he is more than just an Assembly consisting of all Heads of States, but it is superior to the sovereignty of the people, manifested in free and open plebiscite. This Court is not political or religious and consist of four members appointed by the Government of each State, as well: one for the intelligentsia, science, state, and one by the Commerce and Agriculture in general, being in fact an intellectual, an engineer a manual worker and a good businessman or farmer;

i) That the Court is the arbiter in all things, its judgments final and its dictates met by all peoples of the Union, publishing for the village, while the government consultation;

j) That the strict prerogative of the Court of the Union is to preserve unity at all costs, peace among all Spanish-speaking peoples and their adherents, being also the arbiter of disputes, revolutions, civil wars and general strikes can occur in each of the nations represented at the Tribunal;

k) The Court shall have its seat in one of the points equidistant between Buenos Aires and Mexico, said Venezuela, which is more central to Spain, America and Oceania;

l) This agreement does not remove any privilege to any state within its borders, unless agreed otherwise, ie that just as every citizen is sovereign in society, just as each nation is sovereign within the Union, it means that form a single autonomous society of nations in themselves, but required further progress every day for the good of all, being so unknown and void, any agreement, arrangement or treaty secret

m) That is a must UHAO sponsor the independence and political freedom for all territories that were or are Spanish colonies and want to be contributing members and siblings of this family of nations and to demonstrate ability to independently administered in accordance with the progress we impose our Union, a condition that extends to all territories worldwide, because our mission is to unify all and thus the law of nations;

n) That all treaties of all orders Nations today has the UHAO be reviewed by the Court of the Union, at the request of the state and propose arrangements for equal justice for anyone to harm or canceled by mutual agreement , where it appears clear that they were made without knowledge of the town or implied or imposed by any act of God unjust

o) That all states in agreement, where it appears clear that they were made without knowledge of the people or implied or imposed by any act of God unjust

p) That all States not party to the UHAO are excluded from the benefits of this pact, and when they intend any award, settlement or claim in any State of the Union, asked only to the Tribunal which shall grant or deny unappealably .

Article 2: Under the acceptance of the foregoing and historical justice, it is admitted into the Union to Brazil and Portugal, under the name “Iberian Union” to the Hispanic-American Oceanic.

Article 3 .- The wording of Article 2 is accepted the accession of Italy and France and the Netherlands, and can do each one separately or through Spain, which the present sponsored the Court of the Union failing to admit the name of Latin nation, because Latin has no nationality he is dead language.

Article 4 .- For the same wording of Article 2, will receive the support of all the nations of the world, without distinction, as our highest end and thought is to make the whole world one family, with one beginning and one law .

Article 5 .- Each accession means recognition of the Spanish language, as an officer, in which only the court will write their agreements, orders and judgments.

Article 6 .- All the articles above is fundamental and organic arrangement, but we tend to want and more and total area of the Union, at all points in moral, material, scientific, economic, political and spiritual and the effect the Court will consider and always propose further studies tending to greater unity, and regulate each article of this fundamental document.

Article 7 .- The execution starts from the moment we signed, so anything you do not need government budget, being the Provisional Court, the undersigned, where necessary, to meet, they will in the grounds of Buenos Aires until ratification and possession of the Executive Court, which should be the October 12, 1925, in this same venue in Buenos Aires. But today we want any Spanish speaking nation declare war, or close its border to another, for which we cry fraternally:

The signed and require ratification by our respective governments.

Bueno Aires, October 12, 1912

By the Commission for the October 12 and Universal Union and UHAO

Joaquin Trincado

Secretary General