11 in Bogota

One of the most outstanding features of the philosophy presented by master Joaquin Trincado Mateo, has been his phrases, as complete as short and with such a profound sense that not enough words to express his meaning.

The School seeks to human brotherhood and ‘The Commune’, no parcels and no borders; no man is a foreigner anywhere.

You should not expect anything as a gift.

The one who does not sacrifice anything, hasn’t right to anything.

Do you want to have rights? Create yourself first obligations.

Progress is acquired through self-effort.

We do not want blind faith, but study, conviction that makes faith alive, because only works make Faith.

Not to understand a thing, does not give right to deny it.

Do not berate or criticize what you do not understand.

The criticism of what is known, it is slander.

The slanderer is vile and commits many crimes.

The laughter of the ignorant is stupidity.

Do you see faults on your neighbor? Look well, it could be not yours.

You want to be wise? Study in yourself, speak little, think high, look deeply, always observe and learn from everyone.

“Wise and without love? … Do not believe it.

He who knows love is the one who knows more.

Father Creator, loves all of us equally and is the only wise one and out of his sons men, the most loved, is closer to him and understands him by love.

Do you want to succeed brother? Make yourself own ideas: Know yourself in truth: be your own master and slave of your duty.

Your love is measured by which you have for your brother.

Love is sacrifice, but also justice.

Baldon and Charity, are the same: Love is the law.

Are you ashamed to call Spiritist, Rationalist, Communist, as this school teaches? Well, you disavow of your being, and you should not: you have your lights off: try turning it on early in the Spiritism Light and Truth.

In the books of the School, is the light and the way you have a duty to study and spread them among your acquaintances.